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        Durability – Adhesion & Cohesion  

How well a coating adheres to the underlying surface and how well it adheres to itself are critical parameters that impact a coatings overall durability during use. Maintaining the integrity of your coating prolongs your improved resistance to sticking, wear, and corrosion.

When exposed to stresses, coatings with better adhesion display less flaking and chipping from the substrate. Similarly, coatings with better cohesion properties display better resistance to cracking and splitting of the coating material itself.

Hard Chrome


Beamalloy IBED
Chromium Nitride

Hard Chrome and PACVD DLC


Chromium Nitride and Titanium Nitride



Beamalloy IBED
Titanium Nitride

Beamalloy IBED ballistically imbeds the prescribed coating material within the outermost portion of the substrate surface providing a true metallurgical bond and unrivaled adhesion. The nano-crystalline structure of Beamalloy IBED coatings provides incredible ‘structural integrity’ within the coating and unrivaled resistance to cracking when compared to any other application of similar materials. The result is unrivaled performance for your toughest applications.

Rockwell “C” Indent Tester VDI-3198
Rockwell “C” Indent Tester VDI-3198

Coatings are deposited on a polished, hardened steel coupon (RC >60) to a nominal thickness of 4 microns. A standard Rockwell diamond indenter is used to indent the surface for a “C” scale measurement (150 Kg).

Visual Analysis
VDI Diagram

The indented area is examined at a magnification of 200X and the cracking pattern is observed. Coatings with good cohesion show few or no fracture lines or cracked islands in the center of the indent or beyond it’s perimeter. Coatings with good adhesion show no delamination of cracked islands either in the indent crater, along the crater perimeter, or beyond the indent.




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