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Pharmaceutical PunchesFrom tablet punches and dies to tamping pins and dosators, Beamalloy IBED coatings offer opportunities for significant performance enhancement.

Specifically designed for use in these industries, Pharmalloy®-CrN provides an ultra-hard, Nanofinished surface that is highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion on the working surfaces of punches and dies.  Sticking and picking are reduced and the need for buffing and polishing of the punch cups during a tableting campaign is eliminated.  All risk of excessive polishing is eliminated, so tools maintain their original mechanical specifications, and no polishing scratches are introduced to the tooling surface.

Sticking & Picking - Mechanical interlocking is responsible for the majority of sticking and picking that occurs in pharmaceutical tableting operations. Having a finish that is free of microscopic defects and resistant to degradation during operation will reduce this impact. For those sticking problems that are physiochemical in nature, Beamalloy IBED provides equivalent surface precision in a variety of chemistries.

Pharmaceuticals/Nutraceuticals/OTCAbrasive Wear - Beamalloy IBED provides surfaces harder than Tungsten Carbide that will extend your punch's resistance to wear.

Corrosion - Beamalloy IBED surface treatments are fully-dense and free of voids and cracks. We work closely with you to select the optimal material for your application, then we apply it in the most effective manner possible.

Durability - You can't afford to have coatings cracking and flaking off your tools. Beamalloy IBED surface treatments demonstrate incredible adhesion to your tooling and cohesion within the treatment itself.

  • Tablet Punches & Dies
  • Capsule Tamping Pins and Dosaters
  • Coating Spray Nozzles & Components
  • Formulation
  • Packaging

IBED Treatment Selection Guide for Pharmaceuticals

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