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Surface-sensitive properties like hardness, wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, and fracture/fatigue are key to the performance of today's advanced products. Beamalloy's advanced IBED surface engineering technology offers an entirely new and versatile way to engineer the surfaces of precision engineered metallic, ceramic, glass, and plastic components - for pharmaceutical equipment and other precision tooling.

Coating Alternatives

 » Plating
 » Metal Finishing

Performance Coating Services For

» Plating and PVD

IBED provides an effective and affordable alternative to chrome plating and conventional physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings

» Pharmaceutical Tooling

IBED coatings provide wear and corrosion resistant, anti-pciking surfaces for pharmaceutical tooling

» Precision Components

IBED coatings produce NO changes in bulk properties, dimension or surface finish

Beamalloy IBED coatings applied at temperatures below 200° F provide improved surface performance without unwanted changes in part bulk properties or dimensions. These performance coatings replicate the original surface finish which eliminates the need for re-polishing after coating and reduces the frequency of intermittent tool cleaning. Beamalloy has perfected the IBED process to produce wear resistant coatings that will not chip or flake off, designed for the highest performance precision tooling.

Standard Coatings

Surface Application Coating

Industries We Serve

 » TiN Titanium Nitride
» Cr2N Chromium Nitride
» Al203 Aluminum Oxide
» Metals (Cr, Ni, Al, Ti)

» Tablet Compression Tooling
» Plastic Mold Tooling
» Precision Machine Parts
» Non-Ferrous Components
» Ceramic Components

 » Medical
» Plastic Molding

   IBED Coating Technology                    IBED Coatings Process Features

  » What is IBED Technology  
» IBED Coating Properties  
» Coating Comparisons 
» Technical Papers 

» Temperature <200° F - no distortion
» Wide Variety of coatings available
» Wide variety of base materials can be coated
» Excellent adhesion - no chipping or flaking
» Exact surface replication - no re-polishing
» No asymmetric build-up - no regrinding
» Fully dense, pinhole-free, no cracking
» NO toxic chemicals - environmentally clean



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