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        The Patented IBED Process  

Beamalloy IBED (Ion Beam Enhanced Deposition) is a patented physical surface treatment process implemented by bombarding a growing film with an independently controlled beam of energized atomic particles. This allows precise control and optimization of properties such as interfacial adhesion, density, grain size, morphology, and internal stresses.

The Beamalloy IBED process enables a wide range of metallurgical compositions (metallic, nitride, oxide, and carbide), a high degree of control over surface and sub-surface nanostructure, and typical thicknesses up to 6 microns (0.00024 inches).  Excellent adhesion, precision and uniformity are achieved with processing temperatures held below 93C (200F). IBED surface treatment can be applied on most metallic, glass, ceramic, and even plastic surfaces.

All components are processed to uniformly expose all surfaces of the components to the desired surface treatment. This satisfies specifications required for optical and semiconductor thin film (sub-micron) coatings, and provides significant benefits when utilized for the deposition of tribological coatings on precision tooling and engineered components.

Increased wear resistance
Improved corrosion resistance
Reduced sticking
Improved release
Improved durability
Reduced cleaning
Eliminate post-coating polishing
Maintain original bulk properties
Preserve original dimensions

Beamalloy IBED tribological coatings are recommended or designed based on your specific needs and will provide excellent performance in your demanding applications.

Beamalloy IBED Process

The high-energy ions are used to mix the initial few atomic layers of the coating material into the surface being coated.  This forms an alloyed bond layer in the surface that promotes adhesion of the coating and is the mechanism that allows coatings of a variety of materials to be applied to virtually any substrate material without the need of an intermediate bonding layer. 

Once the alloyed layer is formed properly, the coating is then grown out from this alloyed layer.  The high-energy ion flux is then used to control the morphology of the coating that is being grown from the surface.  This allows control over the grain structure of the coating as well as coating density and residual stresses.  Coating thicknesses, typically up to 6 microns (0.00024 inches) can be grown on most metallic, glass, ceramic, and even plastic surfaces.

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