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        Tablet Compression Tooling  

Tablet Compression ToolingFIGHT STICKING, FILMING, and PICKING

If you are facing sticking, filming, and picking during solid dose tablet compression you should take a look at the finish on your punch cup surfaces and embossing. Even though the tooling is made from hardened steels, the surfaces are prone to wear and corrosion. Small micron-sized scratches and pits will trap powders in the tooling surface and start to build up eventually causing filming, sticking, and picking.

Tablet Compression

By preserving the finish on the punch cup surfaces you can reduce the trapping of powders in the cup surface. This can be achieved by applying coatings designed to provide enhanced wear- and corrosion-resistance to the working tips of the punches. The key to success is using coatings that are deposited by a process that does not degrade, or morph, the original surface finish on the punch tips and that does not soften the tool bulk material or change the dimensional tolerance of the tooling. In fact Beamalloy Technologies, LLC patented ION BEAM ENHANCED DEPOSITION (IBED) process improves the microfinish on the cup surface, and can deposit a variety of precision coatings designed to improve resistance to wear and corrosion without affecting the tool dimensional tolerances.

Beamalloy Technologies, LLC has over 20 years of experience coating tableting tooling for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical/food supplement, candy, and chemical industries. In addition we work closely with all the major US tablet tooling manufacturers, Elizabeth Carbide Die, Natoli Engineering, Thomas Engineering, and Advance, and are recommended by them.

So by having Beamalloy Technologies, LLC coat your tablet tooling with one of the precision IBED coatings you can maintain the integrity of your punches; reduce sticking, filming, and picking; and improve your tablet quality and manufacturing productivity.

How can Beamalloy help you with sticking, filming and picking? 

Use Beamalloy IBED Coating selection guidelines. For more information, contact us.




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