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Beamalloy Technologies, LLC was originally founded in 1984 (as BeamAlloy Corporation) with the goal of developing and industrializing the use of direct ion implantation for non-semiconductor applications. The result was the development of the ion beam enhanced deposition (IBED) process, which was patented in 1991. In 1998, Worthington Industries (NYSE, WOR) became interested in the IBED coating technology because of its potential application as a coating for flat rolled coil steel. A joint R&D project was initiated and successfully completed, which resulted in the eventual acquisition of BeamAlloy Corporation by Worthington Industries in 2000.

From 2000 through 2003, engineering staff at Worthington BeamAlloy specified, designed, and constructed an industrial-scale IBED coating system which has the volume capacity and production economics needed to process volumes of engineered components and manufacturing tooling. This coating system is used to provide toll coating services for a variety of components and manufacturing tooling from a wide variety of industries.

In the Fall of 2003, the BeamAlloy business was re-purchased from Worthington Industries by the original BeamAlloy founders and a group of private investors, and the business was reestablished as Beamalloy Technologies, LLC. The Company now operates in its own free-standing 12,000 square foot building in Plain City, Ohio.

About the IBED Coating Process -

The IBED coating process was developed as a new technology to improve resistance to abrasive wear, corrosion, surface sticking and related abnormalities on industrial tooling surfaces. The IBED process combines the benefits of conventional metal coating technologies with the surface penetrating effects of thermal diffusion processing.

The coating atoms first penetrate into the component substrate, forming a shallow case layer within the surface. Then, the atoms are grown out from this case layer, forming a thick coating that is ballistically bonded. The result is a metallurgical bond that is much stronger than the mechanical or Van der Waals bond used in other processes.

Because IBED is a physical coating process - rather than a chemical or thermal process - growth is achieved without the external application of heat. By maintaining lower temperatures (less than 200°F/93°C) throughout the coating process, there is no danger of dimensional distortion and the initial integrity of the tooling is maintained. The end result is a uniform coating process eliminating distortion and delivering a high degree of control over coating properties such as interfacial adhesion, density, grain size/morphology and internal stresses.

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